Thermal Control of Robot in Cold and Hazardous Environment

Projects in the robotics category: [easyrotator align=”left”]erc_88_1377105406[/easyrotator] Liquid natural gas and liquid petroleum gas are stored in steel alloy tanks at approximately -160C and -45C, respectively. These tanks need to be periodically inspected for cracks, corrosion, and other defects. Currently the inspection process involves sending a human into the emptied tanks with inspection equipment. In […]

High-Speed Large-Range Atomic Force Microscopy

Atomic force microscope(AFM) is a powerful and versatile instrument with a wide variety of applications ranging from imaging and nano-manipulation to characterizing mechanical properties of various types of samples. The speed limitations of this device however, have constrained its capabilities. In this research we develop controls, instrumentation and signal processing techniques to achieve ultra-high imaging […]