Internal Reports

1. MIT-MRL-2013-01: Multi-Actuation for High Speed Atomic Force Microscopy. Iman Bozchalooi, Kamal Youcef-Toumi. June 2012. 2. MIT-MRL-2013-02: Design of Omnidirectional In-Pipe Maneuverable Vehicle. You Wu, Kamal Youcef-Toumi. October 2013. 3. MIT-MRL-2013-03: Modelling An In-pipe Maneuverable Platform. You Wu, Dimitris Chatzigeorgiou, Kamal Youcef-Toumi. October 2013 4. MIT-MRL-2013-04: Instantaneous demodulation based on Teager Energy Operator (TEO) for dynamic atomic force microscopy. Iman Bozchalooi, Kamal Youcef-Toumi. 2013.

Selected Conference Proceedings

D. Chatzigeorgiou, K. Youcef-Toumi and R. Ben-Mansour, “Identification & Estimation Algorithms for In-Pipe Leak Detection ,” American Control Conference, 2014 Chatzigeorgiou D., Youcef-Toumi K. and Ben-Mansour R., “Modeling and Analysis of an In-Pipe Robotic Leak Detector,” IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2014 Video Submission : Chatzigeorgiou D., Wu Y., Youcef-Toumi K. and Ben-Mansour Selected Conference Proceedings


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Selected Journal Papers

D. Chatzigeorgiou, K. Youcef-Toumi and R. Ben-Mansour, “MIT Leak Detector: Modeling & Analysis towards Leak-Observability,” IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 2014 (under review) D. Wu, K. Youcef-Toumi, D. Chatzigeorgiou, S. Mekid, and R. Ben-Mansour , “Channel-Aware Relay Node Placement in Wireless Sensor Networks for Pipeline Inspection”, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 2014 D. Chatzigeorgiou, K. Youcef-Toumi and Selected Journal Papers